The Traverse Fifty


As Part of the Traverse Fifty Project, a collaboration between The Traverse Theatre and Writer Pictures, I had the pleasure of photographing the Writer Emily Jenkins.  Fifty writers and fifty photographers have been teamed up to produce a series of images for an exhibition at The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh.

The Final image has been chosen, printed, sent to Scotland and will be unveiled at the exhibition in October.

But here are a couple of photographs shot during the day that failed to make the cut. I found a beautiful location in nearby woods and then we did a further series of photographs in my studio.



I liked the way some day light broke through the trees but wanted more control on the key  light on Emily. Elinchrom make a great portable lighting kit called The Quadra Ranger which you can take anywhere, and allows you via an adapter to attach any of their light accessories. To that I attached the Maxi Spot which is a massive reflector which gives a powerful  focused light which mimics sunlight; my assistant was easily able to hold this high via a boom arm.

I always process my raw images in Phase One’s Capture One Pro One software  and I  using the colour editor I was able to increase the saturation of the bluebells and Emily’s dress.

The second image was taken back at the studio.

We used one light with an Elinchrom 70cm  white beauty dish angled just to one side of Emily. I decided not use a fill light and go for a more dramatic look. I got in close using a 120mm makro lens.

After several post shoot discussions with Emily we made  the final edit  and the exhibition print was chosen.

All images were shot on a Phase One IQ140 Digital Back attached to a Contax 645 Camera with Carl Zeiss lenses

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