Actor Headshots

I am a Headshot Photographer. Headshot Portrait or head and shoulders Photography is one of my favourite specialties. Producing affordable Digital File Packages for great high quality profile images. Therefore these are perfect photographs for actors, actresses and performers spotlight pictures. Whether for professional actors or students starting out in the profession. These portraits are a vital tool for gaining auditions and castings. Headshot Portraits are great for personal CVs and use on social media such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Also invaluable for Corporate Branding on company websites validating your identity.

My relaxed approach to Headshots creates a comfortable environment. As a result it Makes my clients feel at ease and enjoy the experience producing dynamic headshots tailored to the client’s needs. I like to interact with the sitter through a collaborative process working towards a style and look that makes them look their best. This may involve photographing tethered to a computer showing the images as we go so we can both move forward in the right direction

Clients can come to my studio. Or if they prefer I have a mobile Studio which enables me to come to your home or premises. Using different colored backgrounds and variety of lighting equipment so I can create different effects to suit your specific requirements. This is an efficient and cost effective way of getting a lot of staff portraits whether as individuals or group photographs of the team.

I am based in the Cotswolds near Woodstock 10 miles north of Oxford but regularly travel throughout the UK.